We are a grass-roots organization!
Established from a need for Deaf and hard of hearing older adults to access services, otherwise made impossible or difficult to access due to the communication barrier.

Our Services

Are you in need of a certified sign language interpreter? Are you looking for resources to help you navigate life?

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Advocacy & Support

Join the DHIS community to learn more about hearing loss and deafness and share experiences that help us all.

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Our Team

Meet the DHIS team of dedicated professionals concerned with your well-being.

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Mission Statement

DHIS, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality of comprehensive services for Deaf and hard of hearing older adults and their families, in southeast Michigan, linking their talents to the Deaf youth population through mentoring programs that enhance language and living skills, while promoting their independence and dignity through cooperative efforts with other community-based service providers and educational entities.

The DHIS Support Group

We help people help themselves through education, such as learning coping skills, listening strategies and the latest technologies, enabling hard of hearing adults to understand their loss and share their experience to help one another.