Deaf & Hearing Impaired Services, Inc. (DHIS) is a “grass roots” organization established from a need for Deaf and hard of hearing older adults to access services otherwise made impossible or difficult to access due to the communication barrier.   Deaf persons have a separate language of American Sign Language i.e. the primary language of the Deaf (English is their second language). Hard of hearing older adults have a unique set of needs including acquisition of appliances, rehabilitation, counseling, and support groups. DHIS is a consumer driven organization.    At the request of the Tri County Deaf Senior Citizens (TCDSC) membership (please note that the Tri County Deaf Senior Citizens are the largest Deaf older adult organization in the United States), Deaf & Hearing Impaired Services, Inc. was established.  Members of the Deaf community as well as hard of hearing persons serve on the Board of Directors of DHIS. Indeed, the Deaf community is specifically trained to serve the language and culture needs of the Deaf. Services are provided to citizens regardless of sex, race, creed, religion, national origin, age, height, weight, marital or family status, or handicap in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1992.


  • Further develop access of services of exceptional stature, combining excellence in client service delivery and educational programming.
  • Enhance and solidify linkages with local, state, and national agencies serving Deaf and hard of hearing persons.
  • Maintain a highly skilled and motivated work force becoming the provider of choice for Deaf and hard of hearing persons.
  • Be actively involved in the Deaf and hard of hearing community and impact the private and public sector through ongoing advocacy efforts.
  • Enhance community awareness of the Deaf and hard of hearing through intensive outreach programs and in-service training.
  • Foster coordination of the aging network to produce the highest quality of services for Deaf and hard of hearing older adults.
  • Further develop community education services combining information and referral with sign language education.



The staff of Deaf & Hearing Impaired Services, Inc. serves the Deaf population of southeast Michigan. Interpreters are bilingual and biculturally trained in accordance with provisions of  the Americans With Disabilities Act. National and State of Michigan Certified Interpreters are highly qualified and available to provide interpreting services for the Deaf population and the community at large.


  • Area Agencies on Aging: 1A, 1B and 1C
  • The Senior Alliance
  • Title IIIB of the Older Americans Act
  • United Way
  • Community Development Block Grants
  • Educational Contracts
  • Corporations, Foundations, and Businesses
  • Individual Contributions
  • State Office on Aging