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Area Agencies on Aging: 1A, 1B and 1C

Title IIIB of the Older Americans Act

Community Development Block Grants

Educational Contracts

Corporations, Foundations, and Businesses

Individual Contributions

State Office on Aging

[/mt_one_fifth] [mt_four_fifth_last]As an official 501(c) (3) nonprofit group, we rely on formal funding programs, contributions from individuals and an outstanding network of volunteers, especially for our seniors program.

Federal and State funding is never enough. DHIS requests your help to more adequately provide services that are needed to preserve the independence and dignity of all deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

There are several ways you can help:

  • • Annual donation.
  • • Donation after services are rendered for you or your family.
  • • Donation in honor of a friend, family member, or loved one.
  • • Donation to support Interpreting Services or one of our special programs.

You may download a donation form here, or make a donation online with your credit or debit card online via PayPal.

[mt_lineheader size=”4″] Volunteer Program [/mt_lineheader]

DHIS relies on a network of caring, giving, talented individuals to leverage available resources and provide valuable community input to our nonprofit mission.
Volunteers may help at Seniors Satellite Sites, help out in the office and with advocacy campaigns, or chaperone on field trips and outings.  For more information on becoming a DHIS volunteer, please call (248) 473-1888.

[mt_lineheader size=”4″]Board of Directors[/mt_lineheader]

Lynn Prybys, Chairperson, Assistant Business Practices Officer, Select Speciality Hospitals
David Wizgird, Vice Chairperson, BC-HIS, Hear Clear
Darlene Graham, Secretary, Deaf Services Advocate-Medical Affairs, McLaren Macomb
Richard Rosenbaum, Treasurer, Owner, Redevex Corporation

[mt_lineheader size=”4″]Members of the Board[/mt_lineheader]
Linda Booth, President, Deaf & Hearing Impaired Services, Inc.
Monalee Ferrero-Kubik, Regional Site Coordinator, Deaf & Hearing Impaired Services, Inc.
Joanne Galbo, Tri-County Deaf Senior Citizens
Patricia Grover, MSW, Leader Social Worker, Henry Ford Retirement Village
Carol Dunaj, Tri-County Deaf Senior Citizens
Berge P. Avesian, Jr., Evangelical HOMES
Ken Carter, Tri-County Deaf Senior Citizens
Joann Kingsbury, Tri-County Deaf Senior Citizens
Patricia Holland-Soma, Disability Advocate, Producer, Host, Cable TV Program Equal Access
Nina Vettraino, CODA/Interpreter, Deaf & Hearing Impaired Services, Inc.